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1 on 1 Lessons

Individualized one-on-one lessons are tailored to each goaltender's unique needs and preferences.  We begin with a discussion of the specific areas the goalie wishes to address, and I integrate these goals into a comprehensive lesson plan that evolves as the session progresses.


Small Groups

In small group sessions, limited to no more than three individuals of similar skill levels, we initiate our training with skating fundamentals before delving into specialized lesson topics. Within a small group context, we encourage peer feedback to foster mutual improvement.

Mini Clinics

For those seeking a broader, game-focused experience, my mini clinics accommodate groups of up to five goaltenders. During these sessions, we concentrate on honing skills in specific in-game scenarios, with the participation of three to five shooters to create a more realistic practice environment. These mini clinics are ideally suited for advanced goaltenders seeking to expand their skill set and knowledge base.


What We Teach

Technical & LIfe Skills
  •  Assessment and Goal Setting: Our first session will involve an in-depth evaluation of your current goaltending abilities. The coach will analyze your strengths, and areas for improvement, and discuss your personal goals as a goaltender.​

  • Fundamentals of Goaltending: We will cover the essential goaltending techniques, including stance, positioning, movement, and save selection. Understanding and mastering these fundamentals are crucial for building a strong goaltending skill set.

  • Skating and Agility Drills: Goaltenders need to be agile and quick on their skates. We will work on various skating drills and exercises to enhance your mobility and balance, enabling you to react swiftly to shots from all angles.

  • Puck Tracking and Vision: Tracking the puck and maintaining strong visual awareness are vital for making timely saves. We will practice drills to improve your tracking abilities and ensure you always have your eyes on the puck.

  • Save Techniques: Learn a variety of save techniques, including butterfly, glove saves, pad saves, and blocker saves. Our coach will provide expert guidance on when and how to employ different saving techniques effectively.

  •  Rebound Control: A crucial aspect of goaltending is controlling rebounds to prevent second-chance opportunities for opponents. We will work on techniques to control and redirect rebounds safely out of harm's way.

  • Playing the Angles: Understanding angles and positioning is essential for cutting down shooting angles and increasing your net coverage. We will focus on positioning strategies to give you the edge against shooters.  Handling Breakaways and Shootouts: Learn strategies and techniques to handle breakaways and shootouts confidently. Gain insights into reading the shooter's movements and making successful saves in high-pressure situations.

  • Duration: Each one-on-one/small group coaching lesson typically lasts 60 minutes, allowing ample time for skill development, practice, and feedback.

  • Who Can Participate: Our coaching sessions are open to goaltenders of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced players.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that will elevate your goaltending abilities and help you achieve your goals on the ice. Whether you dream of playing at the highest level or simply want to improve your recreational play, our expert coaching will give you the tools to succeed. Let's work together to make you the best goaltender you can be!

The Coaching Program

I specialize in collaborating with ice hockey goaltenders to establish attainable objectives, address areas of improvement, and further enhance their existing skill set. Employing a progressive and multifaceted approach, I aim to elevate your performance to a higher level or facilitate your transition from a backup goaltender to a starting position.

My coaching focuses on the refinement of goaltending-specific skating techniques, precise positioning, and the strategic selection of saves in various game situations. Additionally, I provide comprehensive guidance on the mental aspects of the position, career advancement strategies, off-ice conditioning, as well as stretching and mobility techniques.

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